Last updated on 17 August, 2022 / Delivery time 4 days -- 10 days / Welcome!. The Japanese puzzle box (Himitsu-bako) is made of only wood, This is a environmentally-friendly products. This is one of traditional crafts of Japan. The origin goes back even to the Edo or Meiji era (1800s) of Japan. It has been handed down by the very few craftsmen. I am crafting full-time these puzzle boxes. I completed an apprenticeship and training at the famous Hakone Yosegi factory and I'm crafting these Japanese puzzle boxes and Yosegi-zaiku for over 20 years. so All items are made in my workshop and shipped to you directly. I will promise that all boxes have good quality. The mechanism of my Puzzle boxes will move smoothly, because I will check and test your order before shipping. Please look forward to it!. and also, I can do a wholesale business and have a wholesale website. If you have a question or request, Please feel free to ask me anything!. Thank you. Hiroyuki Oka" >> Latest news! Please check my Instagram : @okapuzzlebox