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4x4 box

One of my past works is something I call the "4x4 Box." The name doesn’t have a detailed meaning😅, but it just seemed fitting. In reality, the inside of the box is divided into four compartments, each of which opens with five steps mechanisms. There has never been a secret box with this kind of design before. In its initial state before opening, it looks like a typical secret box, but the sliding keys, which usually move in only one direction, can move in both directions. Perhaps I called it "4x4" because the four mechanisms open the four compartments. This product has been made repeatedly since 2006. Many of them were shipped to stores in Europe.

Each mechanism requires five steps to open each compartment. Therefore, you could also call it a total of 20 steps. The mechanisms themselves are not difficult. However, unlike a typical secret box that moves in one direction sequentially until the lid opens, this box has top and bottom lid panels, side panels, and sliding keys that can move in both directions, giving it a mysterious movement.

To create this mechanism, I had to make special moving panels specifically for this box. Additionally, to prevent the top and bottom panels from coming off when they open a compartment, I attached a wooden pin in the middle of the moving top and bottom panels, which catches onto the moving side panels.

The fact that the lid doesn't come off means that later adjustments cannot be made (in many cases, the movement of the lid is adjusted after the secret box is completed), so delicate adjustments are required when attaching them.

In addition to the two types shown in the photos, I also made versions with traditional yosegi. This box is not a limited edition, so it is one of the works I would like to create again😊