Welcome.This site is a directly managed online-shop of OKA CRAFT. We specialize in Japanese puzzle boxes (Himitsu-Bako)!

3 sun 7 steps

I have started making 3-sun 7-step Japanese puzzle boxes. Most of these are orders from shop owners, but I am also making some with new natural wood type. As far as I know, this "one-sided mechanism" 7-step was not originally part of the history of Japanese puzzle boxes. I first made this type of box shortly after I began making puzzle boxes. The 7-step mechanism is suitable for learning the basics of making secret boxes. It has two sliding panels and one sliding key, with only one side and the lid panel moving. Adjusting the mechanism is not particularly difficult.
The first box I referred to was an old 5-sun 10-step box with a drawer. Since it was difficult to replicate this box exactly for my first attempt, I decided to make a simplified version without the drawer, focusing only on the one-sided 7-step mechanism. Even so, it was quite challenging😅

Since then, I have made various types of 7-step boxes. I no longer make the 4-sun 7-step boxes and now focus on the 3-sun and occasionally the 2-sun cube boxes. The 4-sun 7-step boxes are widely available in Hakone, and the market supply is sufficient, so I avoid making them. In many cases, I strive to create mechanisms and designs that other craftsmen are not making.

Returning to the main point, the reason I am making a small batch of natural wood boxes is to sell them at a direct sales market at the end of this year. The blocks of four different types of wood shown in the photo are glued onto the top and bottom panels of this box. it's still tentative, I might participate in that market myself. This time, I want to sell boxes that do not use Hakone Yosegi-zaiku. These will be natural wood and other designs. The mechanisms are the usual Japanese puzzle box (himitsu-bako) type, but I want to present the design as something outside traditional crafts for this sale. These direct sales markets are often held in other regions, so by selling products unrelated to Hakone's traditional crafts, I hope to provide enjoyment to a wider range of customers. So, I'm thinking of creating several unique designs moving forward, which I hope to showcase here😊 If I don't participate, they will be sold in an online shop😂