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Long box and yosegi

I'm currently working on a 14 steps, 8 sun Japanese puzzle box. The term "8 sun" refers to a Japanese measurement, equivalent to 24 cm or 9.5 inches. This box has a large storage space inside (long), making it perfect for holding writing utensils and stationery. Many customers purchase it not only as a puzzle box but also as a unique storage item.

I've been making these boxes for about four or five years now. Unfortunately, it's currently out of stock (sorry), so I'm in the process of making more. The top panel of this box is made of yosegi (other types are available), but I didn't have a yosegi sheet that was just right size. Therefore, I decided to make the yosegi sheet myself. I used to work at a workshop that specialized in making yosegi sheets, but creating them on my own is quite challenging. It takes a lot of time and detracts from my ability to focus on making the puzzle boxes. Typically, making yosegi sheets is a work for several people, so I usually buy them from a professional yosegi sheet craftsman.

This time, I spent a lot of time and choosing a yosegi pattern that would be easy to work with. There are two main types of patterns: the square type (made at 90-degree angles) and the diagonal type (made at 45 and 60-degree angles). Generally, the diagonal type is more difficult to make as it requires more work. The yosegi sheet for this box uses three different diagonal patterns. It was challenging for me because I am not very skilled😅. I'd like to write more about making yosegi some other time.