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8 sun Long 14 steps "Arigato" character Japanese puzzle box Himitsu-bako [8L14arigato]

8 sun Long 14 steps "Arigato" character Japanese puzzle box Himitsu-bako [8L14arigato]

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Item description

*"Arigato" is the Japanese word for "Thank you". The character is printed and is painted with clear coating. The color of side panels "ichimatsu yosegi" may vary from photos.

Opening method of the puzzle box : 14 steps
Moving panels and Slide keys : have 3 panels / 2 keys
Outside size : 9.44 x 3.34 x 2.0 inch (240 x 85 x 51 mm)
Inside storage space size : 7.67 x 2.55 x 1.45 inch (195 x 65 x 37 mm)

Include Description (solution sheet) and the gift box

This puzzle box is opened by 14 steps. This puzzle box has a Longer length than a normal puzzle box. The design of top panel is "Arigato" in Japanese characters. The bottom panel is Normal wood design. The side panels of puzzle box are Ichimatsu pattern of Yosegi. The Japanese puzzle box is made from only wood. This puzzle box is made by Hiroyuki Oka

"The Japanese puzzle box (Himitsu-bako) is made only of wood, environmentally-friendly products. This a one of traditional art work of Japan. The origin goes back even to the Edo and Meiji era (1800s) in Japan. It has been handed down by the very few craftsmen. I am crafting full-time these puzzle boxes by myself. I had training for 10 years and I'm crafting these Japanese puzzle boxes and Yosegi-zaiku for over 20 years. All items are made in my workshop and shipped to you directly. I will promise that all boxes are of good quality. My Puzzle boxes will move smoothly, because I will check and test all puzzle boxes before shipping. If you have a question, Please feel free to ask me anything. Thank you!. Hiroyuki Oka"

The puzzle box outside (Length) size : 1 sun (Mame / 4.3cm / 1.70inch) , 2 sun (6.0cm / 2.35inch) , 3 sun (9.0cm / 3.54inch) , 4 sun (11.6cm / 4.56inch) , 5 sun (15.0cm / 5.90inch) , 6 sun (18.0cm / 7.00inch) , 7 sun (21.0cm / 8.25inch).


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