Welcome.This site is a directly managed online-shop of OKA CRAFT. We specialize in Japanese puzzle boxes (Himitsu-Bako)!

Japan version

This is one of my past works: a double compartment 5 sun Himitsu-bako with 7 steps / 7 steps. It was created in 2006. Why the Japan version? Because many types of Japanese wood were used for this box. These woods are:

Pine wood (top and bottom panels)
Sen wood (side panels)
Mizuki wood (line pattern)
Beech wood (line pattern)
Hoo wood (line pattern)
Keyaki wood (line pattern)

These woods are from Japan. Especially Japanese pine and sen wood had never been used for secret boxes before. I remember at the time I had bought a small amount of sen wood from a lumber store and thought I could use it for this box. As you may be able to tell from the photo, this wood has a large grain and is a bit hard. This type of wood tends to warp, so I had a hard time selecting and attaching it. and I still use Japanese wood such as pine wood and Hinoki wood for my boxes, and they help give the image of Japan.
and about design, This pattern is my original line design (Sen moyoh) that won an award at the Japanese Traditional Crafts Exhibition in 1999. At that time, I applied this pattern to a wooden document box, not a puzzle box. I designed this with the image of Japanese sensitivity and aesthetics of "off balance." I have made several other types with this pattern, so I would like to write about them someday.